Casino Account Verification Guide

Karan Kumar
February 6, 2024
Casino Account Verification

When you start playing at Indian Online Casinos, you will soon discover that most of these gambling sites require you to send in documents. Especially in connection to your first deposit. This process is called casino account verification and it is something that’s mandatory at all regulated and licensed online casinos.

The reason you need to verify your casino account is that all licensed gambling sites are required by law to do this. This is a way to prevent money laundering, fraud, identity theft and money laundering. If online casinos don’t ask you to send in documents, they risk loosing their license. So even if you think it’s a time-waisting and annoying thing to do, it’s done for your own safety.

This is how you verify your casino account

Even if it may seem hard and complicated at first when you are requested to verify your casino account, it’s actually quite easy. If you want to make future payouts go faster, you can send in your documents in connection to your sign up. Otherwise, you can just wait until the casino is emailing you and requesting the documents. When you receive a verification email, it is inevitable to go through the process. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to play any longer.

Requested Documents

The casino account verification process is similar at most Indian Casino Sites. You are requested to provide the casino with certain documentation. Below, you can see what kind of documentation you need to send to the casino.

Identification Document – First of all, you need to send in documents that confirm your identity. You can send in a screen shot of your Aadhar card, driver’s license or passport.

Proof of address – The casino will also require you to send in a document that proves you live at the address you say you do. Examples of such documents is a utility bill or an official document you have received to your address.

Proof of payment method – Sometimes the casino also asks you to provide proof of the payment method you have used. Although, this is much more common when you make your first withdrawal. A document that proofs your payment method can be a photo copy of your credit card or or similar.

Verification process

You can either upload the requested documents via your casino account. You can also send an email to the casino support where you attach the documents to the email. If there is anything missing, the KYC team will let you know and you might have to supplement with more documents. If you have any question during the process, you can always contact the customer service via the live chat.

When everything is completed, the casino will review your documents. This can take everything from a couple of minutes to 1-2 days. If everything is in order, your casino account will be verified. If you have any outstanding payments, these will now be processed.

Verify your casino account
Verifying your casino account is not as complicated as it may seem at first

Verify payment methods

If you haven’t been asked to verify your casino account yet, it will most certainly happen when you make your first withdrawal. Regardless if you play at live casinos, fast payout casinos or casino apps, this is something that is mandatory. When you are asked to verify your payment method, you must act quickly to avoid delays in your withdrawal. What documents you need to send depends on what payment method you’ve been using. Below, you can see examples of documents connected to each payment method.

Bank account – If you’ve been using bank transfer, UPI or IMPS to make a deposit, you need to provide the casino with a bank statement. It’s important that this statement is showing both the bank’s logo and your name. If you can’t download a bank statement it’s sometimes enough to send a print screen of your internet bank.

Credit Card/Debit Card – If you’ve used a credit- or debit card for your deposit, you just have to take a photo of the card and send it to the casino. You can hide some of the numbers for your safety. Only make sure that your name and the expiry date is visible. The casino also have to see the first 4 digits and the 6 last digits of the card number.

E-wallet – When you have used an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill for your deposit, you are required to take a screenshot of your account and send it to the casino for verification. The screenshot should include your name and your account ID.

If you’re ask to provide source of income

Some players will also be ask to provide documents for source of income. This will only happen if you are playing for very high amounts of money. So, if you are a highroller, this is a process you can expect to happen.

When the casino requests documents for source of income it’s because they need to see the source of the money you are gambling with. This is a way to prevent money laundering and criminal activities. It’s also for your own safety, as the casino want to make sure that you’re not gambling in a way that you can’t afford. If you need to verify source of income, you have to provide the casino with documentation such as salary specifications, proof of heritage or profit vouchers.

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